Math 614: Numerical Linear Algebra --- Fall 2017

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Course syllabus: M614syl.pdf

Required Textbook: Numerical Linear Algebra, by Lloyd N. Trefethen and David Bau, III, 1997 / xii + 361 pages / Softcover / ISBN: 978-0-898713-61-9 / List Price $67.00 / SIAM Member Price $46.90 

Note: Students may join SIAM (the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) for $25, or for free if they are among the first two to ask the instructor for a nomination. Even at $25, the cost is almost offset by the discount price for the text, and comes with lots of other benefits as well. See SIAM Student Membership.

Homework Assignments:

The dates below are when problems were assigned. Unless otherwise noted, problems are always due the following Monday. 

Homework should be typed, in LaTeX,following the template HWtemplate.tex.

Problems are from T&B, unless otherwise stated.